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THREE STAR RENT A CAR  provides you the best quality of service with VIP vehicle portfolio which is formed by the latest technological systems and specially trained expert staff with the knowledge of protocol.

We offer you a trouble-free car rental service with our technologically equipped VIP vehicles on your special days and for your special guests. THREE STAR RENT A CAR is in your service with its experienced and professional staff to welcome your foreign or Turkish guests, to show them around the historical places and museums by our VIP vehicles.

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THREE STAR RENT A CAR delivers vehicles at the airport to the expatriate customers 24 hours a day. You can reserve any vehicle in our fleet early and hire vehicles at very special prices.

Any vehicle you want is delivered at all the airports in Turkey for our expatriate customers. Our friendly staff is always proffessionally at you service. Teke advantage of early booking. Early booking process is quite simple. All you need to do is to book online or telephone our call center.

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A company or person who wants to rent a car must state the purpose clearly because it’s important to get the right vehicle.

Rent period is important. You can get the best service from a good rental company for a time less than a week. You should absulately have detailed information about the services of the company for a week or longer time.

Average distance to be taken is important, too. The users who plan to do more miles must thoroughly investigate and find out the rules about accidents and breakdowns.

-When you receive a vehicle, see the damage report if there is any damage on the car.

-Ask for detailed insurance terms and conditions.

- You should be able to access a firm official 7/24 every day of the year, anytime, anywhere if you have an accident.

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You can have your vehicle delivered free at the airport or within the boundaries of the city. Our customers from abrad are welcomed 7/24 at the airport and their rented vehicles are delivered.


We offer you the newest, the latest and luxurious cars for very economic and appealing prices. We are mobilizing all our means with our professional and trained staff to provide you, our valued customers, a comfortable and safe rent a car service.